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Brazil and its immense natural wealth, provides us with the necessary inspiration for the idealization and creation of our jewelry.


Natural wealth such as the Buriti sisal, which is synonymous of sustainability for the riverside communities that deal with its management and saw in this raw material a way to win economically.

The leaves of this tree entered the history of Caredan in a very beautiful way, in 2009, a partner in the production sector told us that he knew some older ladies who were experiencing financial difficulties, and that he could train them in the art of weave the sisal.


This learning and occupation provided these ladies with a new horizon, in addition to providing financial income that many had not reached for years, they started to feel useful and included in society.

Sobre o nosso couro


Caredan jewelry is handmade in our atelier and creative workshop.

The work done in the development of each detail is made meticulously by goldsmith process.

Artisanal and humanized work is the soul of our brand, therefore, human and social relations have always had strength and an active presence for us.This concern and care is what we bring to each jewel.


This is the difference that you will find in every earring, ring, necklace, bracelet or pendant made by Caredan.

Not only a brand or jewelry, but the dedication of the people behind this art.

The art and dreams of the person who idealized and designed each model, the art and zeal of those who polished and mounted with love stone by stone.

A dream, an ideal, an achievement, a jewel!

Semi jóias finas folheadas a ouro

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